February 2005 Newsletter

Baby Quilt Workshop

Program Thursday, February 24 1 – 9 PM
Yes, it’s Baby Quilt Workshop time again! Time for Food, Door Prizes, Quilting and most of all–Fun! In 2003 we made 66 quilts. In 2004 we made 232 quilts. We have donated to Children’s Advocacy Center. Junior League Backpack project, Tommy House, and several other organizations.

Our meeting will be Thursday, February 24 at the Mt. Comfort Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville. The church will be open from 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm, this way everyone will have an opportunity to attend! Everyone be sure to bring FOOD and DRINKS!! Remember we will be there through supper time, so bring some “real food” along with goodies.

There will be kits available at the January meeting if you want to get a head start or if you can not come to the February meeting. There will be batting and some donated fabric available at the workshop or you can bring your own. Sewing machines, irons & ironing boards, and rotary cutters & mats will also be needed. In fact, whatever you might need to work on a quilt will be helpful.

If you have never been before, you have really missed a great time and an opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. I feel we have been so blessed as quilters. We can impact lives by doing something we love. Let’s get together, kick off a new year and try to exceed the 232 baby quilts that we made last year.

Kathy Garringer
Carol Parrish

Afternoon session: Pauline Laughlin
Evening Session: Pamela Adamson
No Sign Up-Just Show Up.

Directions to the baby quilt workshop:
On I-540 heading south to Fayetteville, take Porter Road exit(exit #65). Proceed west 1-1/2 miles to Mt. Comfort Presbyterian Church Meeting will take place in Fellowship Hall.

Along the Quilt Trail with Carol

Road to California was a wonderful experience, if you are ever in the CA area during the Jan. show, do go see the quilts were spectacular & we enjoyed great lectures & lunches with the teachers. I also heartily recommend, if you are in the San Diego area go to Rosies Calico Cupboard. Over 25,000 bolts of fabric under one roof. It is difficult to take it all in, especially as we were hyperventilating when we first opened the door. Where to begin? There was no end. I spent over $40 just to ship my fabric back home. I was glad we spent one weekday at the show before the weekend as on Sat. it reminded me of Paducah, you couldnt get close to the quilts as the crowds were so huge. I purchased more Earlene Fowler quilt mystery books & she was there to autograph them.

I ve had to promise the girls at work I wont leave on any long far away trips until July 1st as they are both on jury duty & I am their back up person so Ill be staying fairly close to home for a few months but with the Shop Hop coming up March 24-26th, our guild show April 9-10th & Ferndale in May I m sure I wont be too bored.

We need all of you to be spreading the word about our guild show  post it on any internet chat groups you participate in. Our website will be up & running by the time you receive this newsletter, there is a whole section about the quilt show on the website. Do go out & sell tickets on our donation quilt, this project keeps our guild fiscally sound. We have LOTS left to sell. Call Katy Mitchell, 936- 7482 to reserve a date to take the quilt to guilds in Tulsa, Springfield, Bella Vista, Fort Smith, Grove, OK & other guilds. Use the opportunity to invite other interested quilters to enter our show & to come visit. I promise you will sell 100 tickets each time you travel with the quilt. Did anyone take it to the MOKA meeting this past weekend? Ask one of the quilt shops if you can bring the quilt & have on display during the shop hop & sit there for a few hours  I guarantee you ll sell lots of tickets to the crowds who attend the shop hop.

Thanks to all of you for having the courage to be a part of a team that believes there is a lot we can change & do & we have!!! Its been a pleasure to be at the helm these past two years.

How many of you saw the documentary on the Quilts of Gees Bend on PBS Thursday Feb. 2nd? It was so moving. If interested in taking a bus trip to Memphis to see this exhibit in person, please contact me. We are trying to get enough interest between the Calico Cut Ups & Pieces N Patches & QUILT to get a bus load to go to Memphis & view this fantastic exhibit. Let me know.


Small Quilt Auction

The Small Quilt Auction just got real exciting with the donation of 10 quilts at our meeting! Yes, 10 and they are just gorgeous! Thanks to the following quilters who took time to make a quilt that someone will purchase as a special keepsake for years to come:

Edie Idleman and Maggie Gorishek – Appliqu Purple Iris
Connie Henry – Pair of Greenwork Christmas Quilts and Santa Redwork Quilt
Charlotte Ralston  Appliqu Santas and Snowmen Quilt
Judy Heineman  Paisley Spinning Star
Grace Grame – Log Cabin Irish Chain
Stella Day – One Star and One Diamond Quilt
Karen Inman  Dimensional appliqu poppy quilt

Please take the time to attach a label with your name and the pattern on the back of your quilt so you will receive recognition. Proceeds will help us in our effort to promote quilting education and our community projects. You’ll be glad you did!

Joe Ann Reaves
Small Quilt Chairperson

Christmas Stocking Challenge

It has to be a Christmas stocking. The size, design, construction are all your choice. There is no challenge fabric, so if you want to use wool, crazy quilt, redwork, appliqu, pieced work, embroidery, cross stitch or needlepoint, you will be limited only by your imagination. Use your creativity.

Viewers Choice! Votes will be cast in the form of dollars placed in the stockings. The stocking that receives the most in donations will be the winner. Each stocking you show will be individually counted.

The money collected in this challenge will be donated to charity. The winner of the challenge will choose the charity of his or her choice, to which the total proceeds will be awarded. The only restriction is that we ask that the charity you choose should not have religious or political affiliations. This is to respect the feelings of ALL Guild members.

 To keep or give:
If you choose to donate your stocking to a child in need, we will find an agency that will appreciate your beautiful work. If like me, you are always short of time and would like your stocking to do double duty  as a challenge and as a gift  you certainly may take it home afterwards.

In conjunction with this, we ask members, whether you participate in the challenge or not, to consider being a stocking sponsor with a donation of $20. We would like to fill each stocking with some small presents. If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact me. While I intend to make a stocking for display only, as its a gift for my great niece, I will, however, be a stocking sponsor. Should you like to donate, but dont feel that $20 is what you are able to give, any amount will be gladly accepted.

Important Quilt Show Information

Calling For Quilt Show Entries!
Its That time Again. Your entry blanks are available here and I am pleading with you to ENTER EARLY and enclose a picture of your quilt. It doesn’t have to be a great picture just so we can see the colors. They can be printed on plain paper or even emailed to me.

I have trouble burning the midnight oil so getting your entries in ASAP would be a big help. I know from all the wonderful quilts I have seen at show and tell that a lot of them are ready, so no excuses.

Thank You so much,
Dorothy Day

Now that the holidays are behind us, I hope you are all working on your challenge quilts. I know that some of you are because I’ve received several phone calls this past week, asking questions about rules, etc. That really is encouraging. If you’ve not started working on yours yet, I urge you to give that project a high ranking on your “Things To Do” List.

The quilt show will be here before we know it, so please don’t wait until the last minute to get your challenge quilt done. I’d love to see a lot of beautiful, and obviously bright, quilts hanging in the Challenge Category. If I can answer any questions for you, please feel free to call me.

Nelda Donahue
Challenge Quilt Chairman

Quilt Entry Categories
See the Quilt Entry Categories here on our web site.

Quilt Entry Rules
See the Quilt Entry Rules here on our web site.

Demonstrations at the Quilt Show
Demonstrations at the Quilt Show will be ongoing and free on Saturday and Sunday.

Sewing Room a Mess? Our April Quilt Show Country Store wants your donations!
Needles, Fabrics, Patterns, Kits, Finished Items, Racks, Rulers, Cutters, Buttons, Yarn, Knitting & Crochet Needles, the list is endless! Bring them to the January & March Quilt meetings.


Many thanks to Marily Teeter for calling & getting volunteers to be greeters at our meetings each month, and a big thank you to those doing the greeting, Jane Whittle, Dorothy Day & Pat Morrison.

Stella Day for teaching the mini lesson on English Paper Piecing before our January meeting.

Everyone who is working so hard to put on our fabulous quilt show April 9-10th.

Doug & Diana for taking photos for the membership directory.

Mitch & Janie from Spinning Star for being our vendor (and the great sale) & for the door prize; and also to Kathy Delaney for another door prize.

Patchwork Emporium, Noras Quilt Shop and to Carol Brewer for prizes donated for baby quilt workshop; Spinning Star for fabric; Carol Parrish for batting.

To our fine nominating committee: Joan Beyette, Linda Gardner, & Pam Whittington for the slate of officers they compiled for the new term.

Lou McClelland for all her hard work in getting our Hidden Stitches(Secret Pal) program off the ground.

Valerie Doiel & LoVina Payton for heading up the group constructing more curtains for our show. Also their crew: Joan Beyette, Sally LeBoeuf, Stella Day, Janet Brown, Margie Langanke, Carolyn Gaskill, Shannon Doiel.

A thunderous klapping of hands for Mikki Stone for her many hours of hard work in helping Paula get the website operational.

Diana Gilchrist for the many hours she has spent compiling info for the membership directories & getting them published & ready to distribute at the February baby quilt workshop day & evening.

Library News

Hi everyone,
I am down in the Rio Grande Valley, hoping to get away from the cold. It didnt work. We have a 32-degree wind-chill today. Plus, the weather has been in the 40s more often than in the 70s. But we are having lots of fun and are learning many new thingsjust wish I had brought more winter clothes.

We have several new books that will be at the March meeting.

A NEW LOOK AT LOG CABIN QUILTS by Flavin Glover. Learn how to design spectacular quilts using the traditional Log Cabin block. Projects in this book use both square and rectangular Log Cabin blocks and creates cityscapes, natural vistas, and more. Easy to follow directions are included. Learn how to use your camera or postcards for inspiration.

JUDY MURRAHS JACKET JACKPOT by Judy Murrah shows you how to construct two different jackets and three vests. Included are easy techniques for piecing, couching, beading, gathering and embellishing.

THE QUILTERS LEGACY by Jennifer Chiaverini was donated Sager Creek Quilt Shop and Tea Room in Siloam Springs. Life continues on at Elm Creek as Sylvia researches her mothers quilts which her sister had sold 40-50 years earlier.

QUILTING PIECES OF THE PAST by Better Homes & Gardens. This book presents a collection of quilts and history of quilters, fabrics and designs from the 1830s to the present. Thats 175 years of quilting. Each of the fifty-four featured quilts tells a story about a period of history. It includes the quilters labors and about the fabrics styles, colors and popular motifs of each era.


Guild Business

Q.U.I.L.T. of NWA Minutes for January 27, 2005
The meeting was called to order by president, Carol McCutcheon. Kathy Garringer gave an update on the February baby quilt project. Spinning Star is our vendor for the evening. Carol read a note from Toni Fenton about the donated items for our soldiers in Iraq. Sally introduced Kathy Delaney for our program on what judges look for in quilts.

New members and guests were recognized. The Mabels Roses book was won by Carol McCutcheon. Blocks of the Month were won by Charlotte Ralston. The nominating committee presented the new slate of officers. President elect, Shirley Denton; vice president, Margie Langanke, quilt show chairwoman, Annette Stone; secretary, Audrey Roberts; treasurer, DaLinda Ackerman.

Thanks to Mary Pumphrey for agreeing to have the quilt show judging at her home. Edie Idleman invited everyone interested to the MOKA quilt study meeting on February 4 & 5. Door prizes were won by Charlotte Ralston, Kay Murdie, and Caroline Searls. Stella Day motioned to approve the minutes and treasurers report. Linda Gardner 2nd and the motion was approved.